How to Create Your Own Blog/Website using Blogger

Currently, Google Blogger and WordPress are 2 websites that allow you to build your own website/blog for free. There are several options (Drupal, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger) but these 2 are the most popular one. Blogger, despite its name, allows setup of a website, not just a blog.

1. Introduction- 

Enter the URL in your browser’s address bar –

and if you have enter your Google credentials for login and if you don’t have it click on ‘Create an account’. The sign-up process and/or login process is very simple, hence skipping this here in details . I am assuming that in today’s world (android dominating) every one has a Google account. After login, you will see the next screen-

You can see my name at top left hand corner. Since I don’t have any blog (with this Google account) hence there is no blog listings. I chose a fresh Google account here to show you the beginner’s environment. My name is also at the top right hand corner and if you click on this it will show you my Google profile. Just below that there is another field which is language of the blog. The gear icon is basically for help.

2. Blog Creation-

Just click on ‘New Blog’ button in the left hand side to create a new blog. This will open a new window named as ‘Create a new blog’ to enter the blog title, blog address and options to choose one template for your blog.

You can set here any title, address and template for your blog and can change later if needed. Here, I have selected ‘Ananta Gupta – Diary’ as the blog title and as the blog address with ‘Ethereal’ as a template. Normally we choose the title and address as per the category of the blog contents to be created. This is because it helps in getting the correct traffic, hence choose a correct title and address which reflects your business (interests, work, arts, hobby, etc …).

After clicking on the button ‘Create blog!’ the blog will be created. This will be indicated by a alert flash message as shown below-

Now you are ready to post. Before that let’s check the control panel of the blog-

The orange pen button is for creating a new post, 2nd one is for managing the set-up of the blog and 3rd one is for viewing the blog. Let’s have a look on the newly created blog-

That’s great. Since there was no post created hence blog is blank. Now start posting.
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