Why You Need To Edit Old Posts On Your Blog

Every pro blogger and influencer suggests editing the old post. It is as important as writing new content on your blog. After rolling out Google Panda update, it is necessary to keep your all blog post up to date. 

Old Blog Posts

Readers come to your blog post from social media, search engines or via any referral. You every post will be presented with the latest information otherwise, the readers will not come again. So, in short, we see that content editing is an essential part of your blogging work.

In this content, I will make a list with some reasons why you need to edit your old blog post and make it for today.

So let’s start the discussion:

Silly mistakes

You should proofread an article after writing. But sometimes you find an article with lots of silly mistakes. But you are sure that you have posted that article after proofreading. Mainly you find grammatical and spelling errors in an article. These errors can help readers to click the close button before completing the reading. You need to rectify those silly mistakes and publish the article again. I use Grammarly to proof read my article. Even you can add this tool to your Chrome Browser.


Photos are important for a blog post. In my old blog post, I used any photos from free image sites. Even I didn’t customize the size of the images. Due to over sized, the photos are looked odd in the article. Even the images take more time for loading and the blog posts have lost their good search engine ranking.

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I try to resize the photos of all old blog post and add them again.

The name of the images should be search engine friendly, But I didn’t follow this previously. Now I rename the old images with topic-related keywords. It helps me to gain better ranking for my old blog post.

Add new information with old post

According to Google Panda update, your website can penalize due to thin content. So if you think you need to add more information in your old blog post, then add quickly. Sometimes we find that the information we have added in some of our old blog posts is out of date. It is harmful for our blog. Readers can land any pages of our blog. If they find any content with out of date information, it’s not good for our blog. So need to rewrite the blog post immediately with current information and republished it.

Fall from better Search Engines Ranking

Sometimes you might not write content with targeting keywords. But your content got rank for some keywords. But now your content didn’t find when people search for those keywords. So try to add more value to the posts. Find out for which keywords your blog post was in rank. You can use some tools (I am using SEMRUSH) for this. Edit the articles with those keywords and republish them.

Final Words

In this article, I have discussed some essential reasons to re purpose the old blog post. I think you will find this article helpful. Share your feedback and ask your question related to this topic. I will try to provide the answers to your questions or queries.

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